Auto BCC/CC for Gmail & Inbox Extension

Auto BCC CC Gmail & Inbox helps you automatically add BCC/CC emails everytime you compose an email or reply, forward mail. You can flexibly set multiple “From” Google mail accounts to match with its “BCC” & “CC” Emails. Auto BCC/CC can be used in both GMail & Inbox by GMail user interface.

You can install the extension in Chrome Web Store.



– Restart Chrome browser after installation.

– Go to Gmail™ ( or Inbox by Gmail™ (

– Click “Compose” once to tell the extension to grab all “from” accounts.

Compose Email

– Wait for grabing successfully and discard that compose:

Retrieve Email

Now click here to go to option page:

Open Option Page

OR: go to Chrome Settings > Extensions or click extension icon to open option page:

Open Settings in Chrome

Then find the AutoBCC extension and click on “Options”:

Open Option Page


Option page:

You can start with “get accounts on compose”, which helps you auto-add all of your “From” Emails. Plus, you can flexbily add unlimited accounts and theirs BCC/CC Emails as you want. Save your options after finished setting for all of your accounts:

Accounts adding

Done, now you will never have to worry about forgetting BCC/CC anymore:

Change "From" Email

You can select to enable/disable running Auto BCC/CC anytime you want:

Enable & Disable BCC / CC


Bonus features to make you compose email in Gmail interface more conveniently (not applied to Inbox):

Bonus Features