Upgrade to Premium

Thanks for using “Auto Bcc Cc for Gmail & Inbox by Gmail”. The extension is free for personal use. For commercial or company users, please upgrade to Premium.

To get a license, click “Upgrade to Premium” in the extension’s Option page and follow instructions. Or you can access our payment gateway at this page.

The available plans are: $4.99 for 2 PCs, $19.99 for 20 PCs, and $89.99 for 100 PCs. When paid, we will send a license key to your email. You may enter this key in the extension’s Option page to activate on multiple computers (browsers). You can share this key with your colleagues.

Enter your license key in Option page, and click “Use key” to activate it.


If you have more than one computer (browser), you should activate the license on each of the computers (browsers). Reactivate license every time you reinstall AutoBcc or install it on a new computer (browser).